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This section will allow you the option of choosing a personal knowledge (standard) or legally admissible paternity test to determine if someone is the biological father of a child.
Regardless of which test is right for you, rest assured that you can count on a hassle free test process with fast and accurate and 100% confidential results. Guaranteed or your money back. All of our tests can be completed in the privacy of your own home or at one of our national patient service centers in your area.  It's your choice! We can accommodate any special request in even the most unusual circumstances.
Why DNA Paternity testing?
DNA and paternity tests are typically taken to answer important questions about biological relationships.
1. Provide peace of mind and satisfy curiosity, and/or
2. Use as evidence in legal cases such as child support and others (see below).
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Paternity - Father/Child - Standard DNA Test
Paternity - Father/Child - Standard DNA Test
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Your Price: $98.00
Legally Admissible Paternity DNA Test
Legally Admissible Paternity DNA Test
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Your Price: $159.99
Standard -vs- Legally Admissible? 
These two purposes require the same high quality DNA testing services, but they have different requirements for DNA sample collection.
Standard Test: Like all of our tests, the standard home paternity test kit is simple, confidential, but may not be admissible in court. Results of this test are typically used to satisfy curiosity or to provide the tester with peace of mind.
Legally Admissible: Paternity test results can be used for many different legal purposes, including child support, child custody cases, estate, inheritance determination, immigration and adoption. To ensure that the DNA test results are legally defensible, tested parties must undergo a legal testing process through which 'chain of custody' is maintained. The 'Chain of Custody' process ensures that (cheek-swab) samples are performed & collected by a neutral third party & never by the donors themselves. The legally admissible test kit includes detailed instructions and forms required to legally document the 'Chain of Custody' home sample collection.
Collection Information: You will receive a DNA sample collection kit that contains swabs and envelopes that you can use to mail your samples back to us. This kit contains detailed instructions for sample collection and shipping. To collect a persons DNA sample, simply rub the swab against the inside cheek. Send the samples to our laboratorywe will extract DNA from these cell samples and run the DNA paternity test.  
Legally Admissible Paternity DNA Test Legally Admissible Paternity DNA Test
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Paternity - Father/Child - Standard DNA Test


(CLIA) Clinical Laboratory Improvement Ammendments

Tests are performed by accredited partner facilities.