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Thank you for Choosing ALLTESTS for your DNA and Paternity test needs. All of our kits include simple to use mouth swabs that are provided for each donor. Easy to understand instructions come complete with each package.  We can accommodate any special request in even the most unusual circumstances. Regardless of which test is right for you, rest assured that you can count on a hassle free test process with fast and accurate and 100% confidential results. Guaranteed or your money back.
All of our tests can be completed in the privacy of your own home or at one of our national patient service centers in your area.  It's your choice!

 Infidelity Testing
Suspect your spouse of cheating? Did you find a suspicious article of clothing such as a stained undergarment or other object? Alltests will provide you conclusive answers through DNA Infidelity Testing.  DNA testing typically provides conclusive results that confirm or deny the presence of male and/or female DNA on suspicious items
Tested Parties/items
Suspicious item &
mouth swab sample
Most accurate test
in industry

If you have discovered  a suspicious article of clothing or a suspect stain on your partner’s underwear, clothing or bed sheets, the item can be sent to our laboratory for DNA Testing to confirm if the stain is only from your partner, or if it is a combination of your partner and another woman/man.


Biological stains resulting from sexual activity often contain a mixture of both male and female DNA.  The female DNA usually originates from epithelial cells from the vaginal wall, the mouth or skin, while the male DNA comes from sperm cells.  After the stain is extracted, a DNA profile is then created.

If the DNA shows that the stain is from 2 people (your partner and another person), we can use DNA testing to show whether or not the second person is you or an unknown person.  We do this by having you submit a cheek swab of yourself.  We will then compare your DNA profile to that of the DNA from the item you sent in, to tell you whether or not the second person is you or someone else.


Alltests will compare mouth swab samples to suspicious samples provided to achieve conclusive results.  Once results are obtained, we will also run a comparative analyses to identify the source of the sample. Our results are highly accurate and 100% CONFIDENTIAL. Get the answers you need to prepare for your future.
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Infidelity Testing
Infidelity Testing
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Standard Test:
You can collect the DNA test samples in the comfort of your own home with peace of mind infidelity test. The results of such testing are of the highest quality, but because we cannot verify the origin of each of the DNA test samples, in-home tests may not be admissible in court.
Test Suspicious Items:
Clothing (hats, underwear, bandanna), used Toothbrush, Cigarette Butts, Sperm/Seaman (condoms, undergarments, clothing, etc.), Nails (finger/toe), Hair. 

Mouth Sample Collection Instructions:

You will receive a DNA sample collection kit that contains swabs and envelopes that you can use to mail your samples back to us. This kit contains detailed instructions for sample collection and shipping. To collect a person’s DNA sample, simply rub the swab against the inside cheek. Send the samples to our laboratory—we will extract DNA from these cell samples and run the test to compare against included items.

Item Collection:

The price of the test includes the testing of one suspicious item and a standard mouth swab sample to create a comparison.  More items can be tested for an additional fee (added as additional non-standard samples at time of purchase)   
100% Confidential & Discreet Testing.
Infidelity Testing Infidelity Testing
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(CLIA) Clinical Laboratory Improvement Ammendments

Tests are performed by accredited partner facilities.